Saturday, 10 December 2016

Why Instagram is so popular

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app, but is also a social network. It resembles Twitter with followers only for you don't post a text update, you post a photo instead. The app allows you to add photos using a any type of filter and you can also share your picture to your Facebook profile or Twitter account. But why is Instagram so popular? I believe it's because it's social, I love to share about the things I buy, what I eat, sometimes what I'm doing, or even hanging out with friends. You can post about anything for your friends or others to see. It gives users the ability to add a little bit of creativity into their day. Instagram is a great way to follow your favorite TV shows, celebrities, bands,  and even different types of fitness, fashion or makeup accounts. You can follow whatever you're into. Instagram allows you to check things out by using the hash-tag the same as Twitter. For example if I wanted to use #winter2016, it'll bring up any type of picture that people are after posting about winter using that same hashtag. Instagram also gives you the option to post videos too. In my opinion, this is my favorite social media app. I check into this more than Facebook (and that's quite a lot) you could say I'm a little addicted.. in saying that, I think Instagram will be very popular for a while and I certainly encourage people to look into using it!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Life with a Morkie

This is my girl, Kaiah. Isn't she the sweetest?
Kaiah is a one and a half year old Morkie, which people refer to as designer dogs. Morkie's are half Maltese, half Yorkshire Terrier. They usually range from 4-12 pounds, and their coat is usually long and soft. Their ears can either be pointy like a Yorkie or floppy like a Maltese. My pups are floppy like a Maltese. Kaiah is super playful and loves attention, but what dog doesn't? She loves when you stand  up bottles and she knocks them over with her paws like bowling pins, it's too cute. Whenever I have to go in the car and I ask if she wants to go, she knows exactly what I'm talking about and will run right to the car barking. Same goes for when she has to get brushed, groomed (which she doesn't like so much) or getting a treat. She will also let you know when she is hungry, she will go out and scratch at the dog food cupboard filled with treats and her dog food. She also hides her toys/treats in strange places for days and then goes and cries and makes us move whatever it is so she can get to it, she is too smart lol. When my last dog passed away my parents agreed there was no more dogs coming into the house, until they seen this one. She looked just like my old dog Riley, and they just had to get her. Not a day goes by that we don't regret making the decision of making her an important part of our family!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Vine, the 6-second video sharing app

Vine is a video sharing app owned by Twitter, that allows you to make a short film for a total of 6 seconds. Each short video plays in a continuous loop. As you get started with filming, you hold your finger on the screen for about 1-2 seconds, after that it'll ask you to do it again 2 more times, then it'll put all of your posts together. There you have it! you'll have your first vine post. Users that follow or even if they don't follow you can re-vine your post sharing your video on their page. I used to use vine a couple of years ago to post silly videos of me and my friends, but over the years Social Media came out with a new and better app for sharing videos. Snapchat which is way better, for a total of 10 second videos and pictures. Plus, you can add those to a story for your friends to see. With Vine, you could only post it to Twitter, and I don't really use Twitter so I didn't think it was for me. Although it is still a pretty cool app, there are a few downsides to Vine. They cannot access your Facebook friends to connect to those who do use Vine, and there's no way to upload a video from your camera roll to post to Vine. In saying this, I don't think Vine has much staying power now because of Snapchat and Instagram (more popular). Studies say that "Top Viner's" haven't even posted in over a year. Sooo.. I don't think there is going to be much more growth for this Social Media app!

Super Cute & Hilarious Dog Vine Compilation :)

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Fall Fashion

Who doesn't love Fall fashion? Maybe I'm one of those questionable shop-o-holics when it comes to fashion, but how can you not be when the outfits are cute and comfortable. Between over the knee boots, long sweater dresses, baggy sweaters, ponchos, comfy scarves. Oh, and I can't forget about the perfect fall accessories to go with it. I love new things to spice up my wardrobe.

With the over the knee boots I love how you can wear them with anything! You can wear them with your jeans, with leggings and a nice sweater or even a sweater dress and tights (my go-to). These over the knee boots will definitely be my next purchase.
These boots are from Aldo, I love them! You could definitely wear them casually or a night out on the town.

With sweater dresses you can never go wrong with finding comfortable and casual ones at American Eagle. I recently purchased these two:

Perfect for wearing casually and super comfortable!

Even though shopping can be fun, it can also be overwhelming. Fun because you're purchasing items and clothing you love. Overwhelming for some because you get frustrated in clothes you don't like when you try them on or because you can't find anything at all. Luckily with Fall wardrobe, everything is usually comfortable and well fitting anyway.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The not-so interesting Tumblr

The app that I chose for my assignment this week is Tumblr. Basically Tumblr is a blog website that lets you easily share anything from texts, photos, quotes, links, music and videos from any internet browsing device. From what I could research Tumblr seems to be steadily growing in popularity from 19.1 million bloggers in 2015 to 320.5 million to date. Due to this rapid growth I believe it has staying power. I find the app pretty interesting, I like how you can find all of your interests on the site from funny memes and text posts to reading peoples personal blogs. Although, in saying that, I don't think I would keep using this app.
Tumblr wasn't very user friendly compared to the other social media apps that I use such as Facebook and Instagram. People using the Tumblr app can comment, re-blog or share anything from anyone in the worlds blog. With Facebook you have to actually be somebodies friend and on Instagram you have to accept that individuals following request if you have a private account. I just find those types of social media more easily accessible and convenient. Tumblr just wasn't for me.